121 / Small Group Coaching

Ideal for people with specific sporting goals / athletes

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Pay as you go

Ideal for people who want a flexible approach to their fitness classes.

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Get fit, join our fantastic community & make new friends

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Welcome to Fitnesszoo

The gym in Sheffield that has everything and more to reach new elite levels no matter what your training history.

A place where people come together to achieve beyond their expectation. Using teamwork and challenges to bring out the best in them.

It offers everything to keep your training fun, varied and progressive. Making sure you are constantly developing on your fitness journey.

The gym already has an amazing community feel about it. A place for anyone no matter what your background or history.

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A few kind words from our members

“At Fitnesszoo you're not judged, you can be as comfortable or uncomfortable as you see fit. However, you'll make strides you don't see coming and you're always encouraged to do more, whether in the brilliant OCR bootcamp or the PT sessions catered for you.”

Ricky Jassal

“The best gym I’ve ever been to. Went to my first class nearly 5 years ago, I was so nervous as I thought with it being a small gym I may feel out of place but I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived, I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I would and look forward to what else I can do. Love my zoo family.”

Ann Horner

“The classes and training styles are unlike anything else I’ve done in the past and Michael keeps them up to date and hugely varied which is a perfect for motivation. It’s a perfect environment for any age and ability to exercise with an amazing family atmosphere.”

Nik Oakley

“I started doing 1:1 PT with Mick after feeling frustrated that I couldn’t stick at things and get where I wanted to be. He worked closely with me and really listened to what I hoped for and what I struggled with. Although tough at first, I love the sessions and have gained confidence in exercising and my abilities that I didn’t know I had!”

Naomi Turner

“Michael has created an incredibly friendly and dynamic environment, in which people train hard and achieve quality results, but have a lot of fun while doing it.”

Ben Latimer

“I cannot speak highly enough of Michael as a coach and as a person.  I attend the Parkinson group and Michael has created a safe and  enjoyable atmosphere; but make no mistake you are encouraged to be the best you can be. Thanks for everything.”

Steve Ellis

“Not just a place to get fit. But a place where everyone feels they fit. Love #fitnessZoo”

Heather Reid

“The bootcamp classes have pushed me to limits I didn't believe I could achieve and get me in perfect shape both physically and mentally for the events I've entered i.e. Tough Mudder & Toughest.”

Nicky Purser

“Fitness zoo is great for overall body and mind health, a fun way to achieve your goals and also meet great people with a positive mindset!!”

Chris Burkinshaw