Events Success

This year has had some of the biggest challenges for myself and many who have trained hard back in the gym once the lockdown had ended.

I wanted to do something big so set up four massive challenges for sponsorship to raise money for a community defibrillator on the industrial site where Fitnesszoo is based.

Ratrace The Wall

The first event was The Wall. A 70 mile run from Carlisle to Newcastle along parts of the historic Hadrian’s Wall. Without doubt the hardest run I have ever done in one go. It wasn’t a pleasant experience with 80% of the run being on road. I personally haven’t run roads for 8 or so years. I suffered severe blisters the likes of which I have never had before and really had to grit it out to get to the finish. I didn’t enjoy it but still can acknowledge it is a huge achievement for me and the other lads from the gym who ran with me. Well done boys.

Ratrace Man v Coast

We headed to Cornwall to run, swim, jump off cliffs into the sea and climb back up for 25miles. It was a brilliant and fun event but running it only two weeks after the wall meant my legs were not fully recovered and unfortunately it hit my legs around the 7 mile mark causing runners knee in both legs. Yet another painful run for me and a welcome end come the finish line.

Ratrace Man v Lakes

I Loved the challenge around the Lake District. Having suffered pain in both the 2 previous events I made sure I got the best prep I could buying knee braces and loading up on pain killers before and during the run. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year and 30 miles 4000ft of elevation was a huge test for everyone running it. There were welcome water obstacles in lake Windermere at 25 miles. A brilliant event and fantastic achievement come the finish.

Man v Mountain

Unfortunately our final event was cancelled but due to the fact we had come so far with the challenges and I had such amazing support on the sponsorship. There was no way I would let anyone down. We decided to still head off to Wales and do our own run up Snowdon from our bunkhouse to the summit and back. Without doubt this was by far my favourite challenge. We saw so many amazing things along the route which took us through slate quarries with lakes and woodland and onto stunning valleys. We had done 10 miles before we had even got to the start point for the mountain run. Snowdon was a beast to run and climb up with breathtaking views at the top. The downhill run from the summit was so much fun as we bounded and ran to bottom. By the time we got back to the bunkhouse we had ran 22miles and climbed over 4000ft of elevation.

An amazing feeling to have achieved our set target personally and even better to know I have managed to raise enough money to get our community defibrillator fitted on-site where Fitnesszoo is based. These events definitely pushed me in places to my limits and I really had to dig deep to keep going. I’m glad and proud of what we achieved.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support. I really appreciate it.