What’s happening?

Now things seem to be getting a little more back to normal for us all after the whole Covid-19 pandemic it’s been great to get people back in the gym and helping people achieve their goals and targets.

The gym remained for private members only for a long period after the lockdown had ended. We have now opened things up to the public more at Fitnesszoo and have had a great response to new sessions and programmes that are running on a weekly basis.

Youth S&C for football

We have launched a new pre season youth strength and conditioning programme for footballers that lasts ten weeks. Its great watching so many talented  local youngsters enjoying and progressing each week. I’m sure the programme will help make a massive difference in the new season ahead.

From the success of the programme we will be putting on a weekly strength and conditioning session just for youth sports. More details to follow.

Parkinsons session

After such a tough period for people who are certified as vulnerable where they were basically bound to their homes it’s nice to see them back in face to face sessions as well as doing online sessions with me each week too.

I’m so pleased we can finally get our Parkinsons session back on in the gym every Tuesday at 10.30am.

It’s a brilliant session focusing on many many aspects of fitness and wellbeing. The session can crossover for people who are living with many other diseases or health implications so please get in touch if you are looking to help add value to your life whilst giving yourself the best chance of dealing with what you are living with on a daily basis.

If you are interested and would like some further information don’t hesitate to contact us.